In the Meantime….

We are exactly where we’re supposed to be. I have heard this quote often and sometimes it’s comfortable to hear and sometimes it isn’t. You see, I am an agentless actor/host in Hollywood, and I’m hustling to get a new one, but as of this writing, I have yet to find one.  I am “in the meantime” stage of life. I have decided to take this approach and continue on my path anyway. To be able to stretch my creativity and tap into the wellspring of that can bring such joy and balance to the soul.  I guess I have what I need for the moment, and I am grateful to have projects like producing my videos, making  jewelry, and writing to keep me busy and focused.  They do bring a sense of purpose and value to my life. Isn’t that what life is all about? So what shall a person do in the meantime? Find joy in the things you love and bring you peace of mind such as, spending time with family or friends, painting, or walking on the beach, whatever that is for you. I feel that it’s all a part of the grand design preparing us to see the vision for our lives, to slow down, take note, and learn. So I sit in a quiet knowing that all things are as they should be; “in the meantime.”~

PS: I just got a new Talent Manager!!  Ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you! I am very happy!~


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