Remnants of a year.

Well the New Year is in full swing and the remnants of last year is gone. I always feel that if you start off a new year better and more productive than the last, then you’re doing good. When I started 2011, I didn’t have any of the ideas and goals that I eventually reached last year. Everything just started to unfold, and I made my mind up that I would just roll with it. I got rid of things, people, and stuff that wasn’t serving me well and made room for new and exciting things!  Last year I started the year 30 lbs heavier, and this year I’m a little over 30 lbs lighter and feeling fabulous! At the beginning of  2011 all I had was ideas and visions, not really knowing how to execute them.  I figured out a way. I learned what I needed to know, and now I have something to show for all of my hard work done throughout the year.  I made my web series On the Move” with Stephanie Garrett  happen last year.  I want it to be bigger and better this year.  I  have also  started a jewelry line LilaRoseJewelry ,which is doing better than I’d hoped.  Not to mention that I started off this year 2012 with an awesome new theatrical talent manager. I’m sure some theatrical bookings are not far behind! With Facebook pages,  businesses cards, emails addresses, and twitter accounts for all of my business,  I think this will be a busy and prosperous year.

I think we should all aspire to be better and more productive in the New Year and every year for that matter. Get rid of things and people who don’t serve your highest good. I think the ultimate goal is to evolve into being the best you that you can be. Stop putting so much stock into what other people are thinking of what it is you’re doing.  Heck, if I worried about what someone was saying about me,  I’d never leave the house and wouldn’t get anything accomplished! (LOL!) I heard a quote that said” What others think of me, isn’t my problem” and it’s true. So go out and put positive energy and hard work into your goals and visions and make them happen. This is the year to live out loud and in full effect, Go big or go home!~


2 responses to “Remnants of a year.

  1. I am in the process of making changes in my life and career as well so this helps me a lot. It’s true in order to succeed you have to get rid of the weights that are holding you down. I like your goals for your career for the new year. Did getting rid of those holding you down give you the motivation to lose the weight. Would you reveal how you did it? Kudos to you and all your endeavor’s

    • Thank you Cynthia for stopping by and leaving your kind words! Actually getting rid of those people was only the beginning. I refused to have people in my life who were negative, unsupportive and unhappy. I have decided to surround my self with people who are happy on their own path in spite of what ever circumstances may be happening around them. And BOY did that make a difference! As for losing the weight, well.. I just had had enough. I was tired of being over weight and I knew that if I wanted this big life, then I was going to have to step up my game.

      I wanted to have the energy and the stamina I needed to put in the work to make this BIG life possible. My next article will go a bit more in depth with the process behind my transformation. So check back in and stay tuned!~