The Journey

Whether you’re traveling across town, traveling across the country, traveling around the world, or taking a journey thru your own soul, the Journey is the destination.

The reason I thought this would be a good title is because it comes from a speech from Michael Bernard Beckwith.  He is a highly respected spiritual teacher, author, and speaker.  I was listening to his talk on this topic and it resonated with me.  I do love to travel and I love the experience of learning something new and coming back just a little better than I left.  But what about the journey of life?  How someone evolves is a result of experiences and circumstances that they learn from that helps us grow.

Taking a trip somewhere, meeting a new person, and having a conversation that enlightens you which also changes you on the inside is the destination. I am an actress and a student of life.  Having worked in the film, television and theatre industry for years, I have been on this journey for quite a while now, and I take refuge in creativity.  It is my safe place to fall.  I love the creative process and I feel beauty, art and culture should be revered, celebrated and shared. I’m just a creative soul with observations, a point of view, and a voice.

This site will cover a variety of subjects.  Here I’ll share with you my acting, writing, jewelry design along with other creative interests I have.  Also you’ll my web series, some red carpet events, and photos of the places I visit, people I meet and interview, and the experiences I had. There will  be some recommendation videos on everything from travel to books I love, shopping, as well as great food, wine and culture. So stay tuned for some exciting things to come!~