The L.A. County Fair!

Ohh the Fair, how I love thee! I have always loved fairs and carnivals for as long as I can remember. It speaks to the kid in me I guess, and it always takes me to a happy place. The Los Angeles County Fair is supersized fun with everything from rides, games, animals, and exhibit halls where you can shop til you drop. But the true star of the fair is always the food. With such things as funnel cake with vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup.  There were giant turkey legs and deep-fried everything. Also, a ton of other stuff that’s NOT on the diet menu, but man it sure was good!  This place is big and you get to do a lot of walking.  There was a  Basque Festival and a parade.  And not to be missed; me dancing a jig!  Here in this video you’ll get to see a few highlights from the  fair. So check it out and enjoy!~


3 responses to “The L.A. County Fair!

  1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve never been to the LA County Fair and have always wondered if it’s like fairs in other parts of the country (’cause you know LA likes to do things “differently” sometimes)! Now I know!

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