Crafty project share and DIY Inspiration!

In this playlist you can see some of my latest project shares! You will see some of my jewelry designs, embellishments for gifts and packaging, my art work, travelers notebook inserts, and more! Come take a look and get inspired to create!



Mixed Media Jewelry making series!

Here is a full play list of my latest necklace designs! You will see a 6 part collage tutorial of how to DIY your very own chunky beautiful piece. You will also see how to turn your old keys using crystals into beautiful designs! I show you the step by step process to creating fabulous jewelry!

Mixed Metal Jewelry Making


Covering the Aftershows for AfterbuzzTV!

I am very excited to be hosting 2 shows over at! I’m the co-host covering “Blindspot” and Homeland! We have lots of great commentary, so be sure to check it out, and see what we have to say about each episode and see if you agree!












Here is a playlist of the aftershow for “Blindspot”.

Here is a playlist of the aftershow for “Homeland”.