Meeting with a Rainmaker.


Well since my meeting at a major cable network is done, I guess now I can talk about it. I met with a high level executive-a Rainmaker, a person who is successful, influential and can change the outcome of your career or business-a game changer. My awesome manager got me an appointment at the network. I arrived 15 minutes early, signed in, sat down, and waited. I dressed nicely in a fabulous new black, white, and orange dress, new black heels, and I even made my own jewelry to wear consisting of a pair of swarvoski crystal fire opal silver disc earrings and a beautiful ring to match. I got my hair done as well. I was ready!

I put my media kit together weeks before to leave something with him, so he could see all the things that I’ve done. It included event photos, a bio, pictures & resume, my reel, as well as blog and web series mentions. Also, some writing samples, as well as some information on my acting. I wasn’t nervous because I was prepared and this time I surrendered to what is, come what may. Also, this was a second scheduled meeting. The first one was postponed and moved to another date. It didn’t really matter, I was still ready.

This time I let go of the outcome and walked in with confidence and lots of personality. I wanted to give good energy and give good face, and I did. I was escorted to a large conference room by an assistant who was very nice and was told the Rainmaker will be with me shortly. Walking thru the halls of the network, I felt I was exactly where I was supposed to be.  He soon walked in along with a lovely young assistant, and the meeting began. I felt that my being there was a dream come true.  I was at a network I love and actually watch and connect with.  He was warm, friendly, and seemed very upfront. A no BS kind of guy, and I liked that. I could tell he was reading me as they do in these situations. I could feel it.

The meeting lasted for a half an hour. It went great, and I walked out feeling like I had accomplished something. I didn’t get an offer straight out but was told I was the perfect age for their demographic, and my look was great. He also really liked my hosting reel! I am now “in” and on the “radar” and that’s enough for me. To be able to get that far, when just a few years ago I met with a talent agent who told me that because I was a woman, black, not 25 and hot, I would NEVER get hired as a host!  Yes he actually said those things thinking he was doing me a favor! He told me to go just be an actress and forget about hosting. Well needless to say this guy actually did do me a favor! Him saying that put the fire and determination in me that I needed to move forward and pursue my hosting career.

Since then I started this blog site, hosted, wrote, produced, edited and directed my own travel/lifestyle web series. I have since done over 200 celebrity interviews! Now I’m being sent in for major network meetings! What’s really funny is a few months back, I had another meeting with a well-known celebrity actor/comedian who has his own talk show. I was requested by him to come in for a meeting and it went really great. I went up against this agent’s client for that job (lol) which was icing on the cake. Oh the irony in that! No one actually got that job, but it was a fun meeting nonetheless. I got to sit in a room full of writers and producers and a funny comedian and do what I do best, perform.

So it goes to show you that people will say anything to put you down and tear you apart based on their limited perception of you, and they really have no idea what God and the universe has planned for you. I feel my meeting with the Rainmaker was just the beginning. I will be meeting with more Rainmakers, as many as possible, until I get hired at a major network hosting a TV show, or even my own show. Yes I know it’s crazy, but nothing is impossible!  I walked out of that meeting knowing I was very good at what I do, I was well prepared, focused and driven, and I am ready to step into the next experience!~


Remnants of a year.

Well the New Year is in full swing and the remnants of last year is gone. I always feel that if you start off a new year better and more productive than the last, then you’re doing good. When I started 2011, I didn’t have any of the ideas and goals that I eventually reached last year. Everything just started to unfold, and I made my mind up that I would just roll with it. I got rid of things, people, and stuff that wasn’t serving me well and made room for new and exciting things!  Last year I started the year 30 lbs heavier, and this year I’m a little over 30 lbs lighter and feeling fabulous! At the beginning of  2011 all I had was ideas and visions, not really knowing how to execute them.  I figured out a way. I learned what I needed to know, and now I have something to show for all of my hard work done throughout the year.  I made my web series On the Move” with Stephanie Garrett  happen last year.  I want it to be bigger and better this year.  I  have also  started a jewelry line LilaRoseJewelry ,which is doing better than I’d hoped.  Not to mention that I started off this year 2012 with an awesome new theatrical talent manager. I’m sure some theatrical bookings are not far behind! With Facebook pages,  businesses cards, emails addresses, and twitter accounts for all of my business,  I think this will be a busy and prosperous year.

I think we should all aspire to be better and more productive in the New Year and every year for that matter. Get rid of things and people who don’t serve your highest good. I think the ultimate goal is to evolve into being the best you that you can be. Stop putting so much stock into what other people are thinking of what it is you’re doing.  Heck, if I worried about what someone was saying about me,  I’d never leave the house and wouldn’t get anything accomplished! (LOL!) I heard a quote that said” What others think of me, isn’t my problem” and it’s true. So go out and put positive energy and hard work into your goals and visions and make them happen. This is the year to live out loud and in full effect, Go big or go home!~

You determine your destiny!

I am beginning to realize that people like to pee on your parade.  They like to diminish your hopes and dreams and make you feel small.  With most people, their perception is their reality. Well I am here to tell you that is not my reality!  I operate at a higher consciousness, and it is my belief that your own thoughts and actions determine your destiny.  Not what someone else’s limited perception or opinion is about you.  They can’t think beyond what they see in front of them. When you know and feel that all things are working together for your good, have faith in your beliefs and stay the course. Keep on keeping on, even if you can’t see it.

In recent times,  I have had people tell me that I won’t be successful because of my gender, my race, my size, my age and even my cache. Yes in the 21st century we still have people telling us that we won’t become successful because of these things. Then they want to argue with you and tell you that by their statistics, in a (condescending tone) ” That you’re just not going to make it, “it’ll never happen for you”. Oh really?  Well I’ve got news for you.  You don’t get to determine my destiny!  No one knows what the future holds for you or anyone else. They are not privy to what the universe has in store for me or you.

I say use your haters, the naysayers, and the non-believers as fuel to move forward and stay on your path. Let the negativity keep you praying, keep you motivated, keep you in the gym, and keep you focused; what ever it is!  Have it keep you working so hard, that you will get that job, partner, and life you want. Become the very best person you know how to be.  Never forget  that the wise always stay the course.

In closing I say this. Let all that negativity and foolishness make you a fighter and become stronger because of  it.  Grow a thick skin so when craziness comes at you, it won’t drag you down. You’ll get right back up, dust yourself off and try again.  Thank them for helping you move forward  into greatness. Remember that they may piss you off and hurt your feelings, but they don’t get to determine your destiny. Now go forward and prosper!~

Out of the closet!

Relax it’s not what you think, silly goose LOL.  I’m coming out as a writer!  I have always been a writer on some level all my life.  I have recently decided to do it in a public form.  As a kid I would write all the time, scribbling in notebooks, writing and acting out stories.  I would also write poetry.  I was a weird little child.  As I grew older, I would always write but never shared what I wrote with anyone only thinking of it as a hobby and nothing more. 

But recently I have felt compelled to write.  It’s flowing out of me like a faucet that won’t turn off.  It’s opening me up.  As I grow older and more grounded in my core, I want to tell stories and share ideas to inspire people.  I hope to learn and evolve as a writer and as a creative person.  I think to”come out” as a writer on a public form no less, is a scary thing  for me.  To be  judged and get criticized, you betcha!  I have chosen to think of  it as the universe taking me to the next level and I am going to feel the fear and do it anyway.  I will be unapologetic in my truth and my mind is made up and my vision is clear. It’s like watching a tv show, film, or a stage performance. You take what you want from it and you leave the rest.  Can I get an amen up in here!~

My Universe is empty.

See here's the thing....

This term comes from a very funny lady who is a member of an improv group that I belong to called “Consenting Adults”.  We perform in theatres in and around Los Angeles.  The term has been used when one draws a blank and can’t think of anything to say or do. You see, performing in improv and being good at it, you must have a really good imagination. To create the character and the scene, to make it come alive, be interesting and believable.  I also think one should have an imagination when writing and I’ve had writers block for days now.  Yes my universe is empty.  I’ve got nothing only bored  little crickets.

To be able to move someone and make them laugh, or entertain them is one of the greatest joys an artist or performer can have. Oh and it’s really fun when I get up in front an audience and can’t think of anything to say hahaha!  Trust me it’s happened. I’m not proud of it,  but it is what it is.  I think of  ideas to myself, “no not that one, “no, don’t like that one”. “Nope, not that one either” and it just goes on until one of my cast members saves me.  Then there are other times when I can think of tons of stuff to say.  I guess writing is the same way.

I recently made a Facebook post on not having anything to write about. Then one of my Facebook friends gave me some of his ideas. Which included but not limited to, a carrot that knows karate, speaks german and is recruited by an army of bumblebees to infiltrate the pentagon. There were some other cute funny little things too, but my guess is that they’ve all been done before.  So I will stick with my empty universe for now and the crickets.  Oh crap (listening) I think the crickets just left.  Ah man!*