“On the Move”@The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

Dinosaur Hall exhibit

“On the Move” spent the day at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles and this museum houses some of the greatest collections of artifacts and exhibits in the world, including Dinosaur Hall, which houses more than 300 real fossils and 20 complete dinosaurs. The Gem & Minerals Hall, my personal favorite, houses one of the largest exhibits of natural gemstones, pearls, and gold in the world. If you are a jewelry enthusiast like I am, you’ll have a tough time pulling yourself away from here!  The Building Los Angeles exhibit has artifacts from the 1800s up until today and shows how Los Angeles came to be. That exhibit also includes a California history exhibit along with a Hollywood exhibit, which is about the emergence of the film industry.

Then there’s cool exhibits such as Age of Mammals Hall and the African Mammal Hall. We also got a chance to see the Ancient Latin America Art exhibit, Bird Hall, and the very beautiful Nature Gardens. We visited two cool gift shops and the downstairs Triamana grill where we had lunch. The food there was very good!  We had the best time here at the museum, and it was a very educational experience! Seeing all the beautiful art, artifacts, and exhibits was awesome! This is a very big museum, so if you plan to go, plan on being there a full day.  Make sure you check the  museum website for full details, and don’t forget to check out my show “On the Move” where you’ll see some cool, fun highlights of our visit!~

Dinosaur Hall

The Gem Hall

The Grounds of the museum

The Hollywood exhibit

The African Mammal Hall


“On the Move” @The California Science Center

Space Shuttle Endeavour

Here I am” On the Move” covering The California Science Center and the Space Shuttle Endeavour! It was an awesome place to visit and it only cost $6.00 to see the shuttle exhibit. There are some other wonderful exhibits to see there including, the Kelp forest (ecosystems), the Rocky Point exhibit where you get to touch sea animals up close and personal ( check out the video). Also the Creative World exhibit as well as the Air & Space exhibits are well worth the visit!  There are two great gift shops ( I do love gift shops lol) they have some great finds, especially the one inside the Space Shuttle exhibit where you’ll be able to get one of a kind gifts! There is also a nice dining area downstairs where you can grab a bite and relax. Do your self a favor and get down there and check it out, you won’t be disappointed!~

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Arroyo Burro Dog Beach

Arroyo Burro Beach, also know as Hendri’s Beach by the locals, is an off  leash dog beach. It’s a great location at the foot of the Santa Barbara coastal bluffs on the eastside of the beach. You can let your dog run and play to their hearts desire.

If you are a tourist it makes for a great place to make a pit stop to relax and play with your furry friend.  There is a restaurant and a snack bar for you to grab a bite. There are also picnic areas, showers, and restrooms. The parking is free and the park closes at sunset. In this video you’ll see my dog  enjoying herself on the beach.  Even on an overcast day it was beautiful. 

Delicious Eats!


Yummy Goodness!

On my recent trip to Santa Barbara we went to a great mexican restaurant called Carlitos Cafe and Cantina on State Street. I have been a few times before and the food is amazing! It’s truly a great place to eat and it’s always crowded. Usually there’s a wait to get in, but this evening we got seated right away. First I ordered their garden salad with the cilantro dressing. Then I had the red wine sangria with real fruit.  And finally, I got chicken enchiladas verde with rice and black beans and they were off the charts good! Although I only ate half of it, as I’m on a diet program, but seriously this is one of the best places I have eaten at. The atmosphere was festive along with the live Latin jazz musicians it made for a beautiful evening. Checkout the video and see for yourself!

Hello World!

My trip to Yosemite!
 A view of Yosemite Valley
 I recently went on a trip to Yosemite National Park. It was one of the best trips I have taken and I didn’t want to come back.  It was wonderful to see such beauty in the mountains, valleys, and hills for as far as the eye could see.  It brought me such peace.  I saw Half Dome, El Capitan, Yosemite Falls, and so much more( See above picture). We went hiking and bike riding around Yosemite Village and ate lunch at the Ahwanne Hotel. Plus we saw some giant sequoia trees ( Also pictured).  There was one called the Grizzly Giant and one named the California Tunnel Tree.  I was in awe and couldn’t believe that I was seeing something so amazing.  It was indeed a spiritual experience.